Magnificence by Estrella Alfon

The story of Magnificence by Estrella Alfon took place at the house of the two children. The characters of the story are primarily Vicente the bus conductor, the mother, Oscar the little boy and the little girl.

The story started with a man named Vicente coming to the house of the two children to tutor them with their school works. The family, especially the mother trusted Vicente whole-heartedly for they think that the man was always so gentle, so kind, and there was nothing to fear with when he is around. When Vicente came earlier than usual one evening, the children immediately put their lesson down sharing stories to him about his classmates being envy with the pencils he gave them. The children wanted Vicente to buy them more pencils. Then, Oscar was asked by Vicente to get a glass of water. Vicente held the little girl up lightly in his arms and held her to sit down on his lap. The little girl felt uncomfortable and kept squirming. Vicente’s face was wet with sweat and his eyes looked strange. The girl jumped away from Vicente. The mother saw what has happened. He slapped Vicente and threw him out of the house.


I believe that the author gave the title “Magnificence” for the character of the mother. After reading this short story, I was moved after what the mother did for her children. Mothers will do everything for their children to protect them from very harm that can come to them. It showed us the great love of mothers. The story speaks also of gender equality, how the mother handled the situation and Vicente showed us that we women are not inferior to men. Both men and women enjoy the same opportunities, rights, obligations in all spheres of life. Women should not let men make them inferior. The mother showed her magnificence throughout the story.

It is also a reminder and awareness for us that every day, there are percent of kids, teenagers, young adults that are molested, sexually harassed and abused. It is scary to think that this happens every day and to think that it’s a normal thing in the society. Any abuse, May it be physical, verbal or sexual is not okay and we need to report it to the authorities. We should always stand for our power and rights. Spreading awareness also for this topic can help a lot of people who are experiencing these things to speak and be heard.

“Trust is not inherited, it is earned.”






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