The Moral lesson of May Day Eve is considered by most that marriage should be the result of love. The story shows and demonstrates that love is different from lust. It takes a lot of maturity to know the difference between the two.

It again showed that marriage is not easy and it should be thought through before taking place. Love is a decision. When you love based on what you feel at the moment, it can be temporary. Feelings come and go but true loving is deciding to love the person even when you don’t feel the sparks anymore. That is i think one of the reason why marriage last. Deciding and forgiving.

As the young generation, we should always be careful in choosing the person we will be with in the future because just like the characters in the story, they wasted their years in bitter marriage regreting their decisions and knowing that they were not really in love in the first place.

And one thing that is important in a relationship or union is communication. There should be a good and clear communication between the wife and husband.


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