Mothers Break

This poem depicts our mother’s sacrifices for us. When i was young, I somehow took granted of my mom. She was the most hardworking, selfless person I know. She was also busy with her work while still balancing to give much attention to our family and for me, i thought then that mothers were made that way. I thought, that its okay and natural for moms to be tired always, to be the one who attend to our needs, because they’re mothers. But have we stopped for a minute and look at our moms?

I remember one day, when I was in highschool, my mom came home happily and smiling while holding her “pasalubongs” for us. It was a normal day for a life of a normal mom. Little did I know, by midnight. I came down from my room to get some water, I heard my mom crying while having a heart to heart talk with my dad. I heard her pour out her emotions. It was because of how stressed she was throughout the day and wasn’t able handle the situation she is facing in her work life at that time. I wouldnt have known that she was really upset or stressed if i havent came down from my room and heard her cry.
What reminded me of the poem was that mothers are considered the strongest persons you will ever meet. It makes me appreciate more of my mom and the things she did for us, especially now that I’m studying college and I am now away from them. I only get to see her on vacations.

We have to show our love for them and make them feel that their efforts are seen and appreciated. Help them in everything and sometimes let them experience a well deserve break from all the busy things they are going through.

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