Like the Molave

Like the molave is about how is about how the people of the Philippines must work to make the nation stronger. That’s why in the first verse, it was said that Rizal cannot yet rest because there is still so much things to do.

For me, the poem also highlights patriotism and how critical and important the younger generation in nation building. The author talks about of being united and and inspiring the readers to join the heroes of our nation on the quest to make the Philippines a more prosperous place. Through this, it will grant the nation freedom, and we will no longer be dependent on other nations.

For me, the poet has good intentions on delivering what he wants for our nation to be. But honestly, based on the Philippine’s situation now, the country is still not ready to be on its on. We are continually dependent on other nation and cannot be self sufficient.We still need a lot to learn. But I think slowly we are achieving that freedom, step by step. If we continually support our leaders, be united with our fellowmen and contribute much efforts for the progress and development of the nation.

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