How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife

tumblr_n98c97Qtpf1qbaj4oo3_1280.jpgSacrifice. When you love someone, you should know how to sacrifice. That is the lesson that I learned from reading this story. We can easily relate to this story.

I like how the main characters Maria and Leon, loved each other. They proved that love conquers all and that if you truly love each other, nothing can hinder that love, especially not social status. Maria is rich girl and she knows that they do not have the same status in life, but it was never a problem to her. She was willing to leave the glamorous life, cars, beautiful house, the people she knew in exchange with the simple life Leon has. The character of Maria is so impressive and inspiring and that qualities are so rare in a person. She showed true unconditional love. Nowadays, people demand a lot from people.Sometimes,  We can no longer see genuine love between two people in a relationship because they focus on what they can take rather on what they can give.

Maria showed the true dalagang Filipina character, where she was hopeful that she get to win Leon’s family. Its sad to think that we get to read or hear stories like this in a book and rare in real life. We, people, has a mindset that rich people are for rich people and poor people are for poor people.

The lesson i learned is when you love a person, you should be proud of him/her no matter what and never let the status in your life make any barriers in your love story.

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